The fruit from the Navelina tree is medium in size, with a round crown and dense foliage. The easiest way to identify a tree of this variety is by the dark green colour of its leaves. It is a productive orange with very early ripeness, therefore we offer this fruit in the first half of the season.

Variety characterised for having rounded or spherical fruits. The rind displays a very fine surface roughness.

  • Harvest calendar: Between October 25 and January 20.


The Navelate orange has an unparalleled flavour and texture. A peculiar feature of the Navelate is a minor skin disorder that helps identify it. The Navelate never loses its juice, maintaining its internal quality, even several months after harvesting. In fact, although its skin may display a tough and ugly appearance it maintains its internal quality in perfect condition.

Orange variety characterised by having fruits with soft and smooth rind, with an ellipsoidal or spherical shape, and no apparent navel. Late harvest.

  • • Harvest calendar: Between January 1 and April 10.



The oranges of the Lane Late Navel variety are very juicy and sweet edible oranges with the right degree of acidity. They have a lot of juice, very thin skin and are seedless. It is one of the higher quality varieties.

This orange is perfect for consumption and exquisite for juice.

  • • Harvest calendar: Between January 1 and May 30.



This variety is characterised for high production of fruit and late maturing. Its fruits are round and large in size, and its juice presents high levels of limonin. The texture of the pulps is rough because the walls of the juice vesicles are coarse.

  • • Harvest Calendar: Between March 25 and April 30.