Our quality sets us apart

In order to maintain our clients satisfied with our products and services, the quality policy of Agrufrut, S.L. is aimed at achieving six main goals:

  • 1. Customer loyalty
    We work with integrity, honesty and ethics, always with the intention of doing what’s right to maintain our customer's loyalty.
  • 2. Continuous improvement
    We develop easily and proficiently our duties with the sole goal to consistently search to improve our services and products.
  • 3. Resource optimisation
    Always at the forefront of new technological procedures that help us improve and optimise our resources to improve quality.
  • 4. Quality as a future guarantee/strong>
    The quality of our products is what sets us apart from the rest. We work consistently under the marked procedures to achieve the highest sanitary quality.
  • 5. Environmental friendly
    We seek the best practices to create a circle of trust in all our production stages.
  • 6. Ethical principles and work responsibilities
    We perceptively use all the human and material resources available to us to provide the best opportunities for all our employees.

IFS Protocol

In order to achieve our goals, our organisation faithfully complies with the IFS protocol (also comes under the tab Agrufrut), which ensures excellence in the quality of our products.

Comprometidos We are expressly committed to comply with each and every one of the requirements established by such standard, without neglecting environmental issues in the execution of our procedures and the production of safe products. Upholding the IFS Certification is our reward as a company and working each day to be a team of professionals in search of comprehensive quality and meeting the needs of our clients.

Agrufrut, S.L. knows that implementing our quality system is the best guarantee for the future.

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